What will change for you?

Q&A's about the merger between OnGuard and Credit Tools

About the merger

1.1 What is the direct reason for the merger between OnGuard and Credit Tools?

1.2 What is the objective of the merger?

1.3 Was OnGuard or Credit Tools looking for a merger partner?

1.4 What does the merger mean for the customers of OnGuard and Credit Tools?

About OnGuard and Credit Tools

2.1 How many people work for OnGuard and Credit Tools?

2.2 What are the consequences for the employees of OnGuard and Credit Tools?

2.3 In which ways do the companies complement each other?

About the organisation

3.1 What does the management team look like now?

3.2 How many customers does the new organisation have?

3.3 Will the current offices of OnGuard and Credit Tools remain or will all activities be centralised in one location?

3.4 Can you guarantee the quality of the services to customers?

3.5 When will the name of the new company be announced?

3.6 In which countries will the new organization be active?

3.7 What are the ambitions of the new organization?

3.8 How long will the integration process take?

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